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Handling All Types of Divorce Cases in Los Angeles

Each marriage is different, and so is each divorce. While you might be focusing on the emotional and practical aspects of the end of your marriage, it is important to have the right divorce lawyer in Los Angeles handling the legal side. With the right legal representation, you can hopefully limit any delays or complications in your case, so you can move forward as soon as possible and in the best possible position. Contact The Broadway Law Firm for representation today.

Divorce Matters We Handle

Some divorce cases are relatively straightforward, though you still must meet specific requirements under California law. On the other hand, some divorces are highly complex and/or adversarial, and these cases should be handled by a highly experienced divorce attorney. The Broadway Law Firm takes on all types of divorces, and we can assist with:

In addition, we provide our clients with guidance as to the following divorce-related matters:

There are requirements to obtain a divorce in California, including meeting residence requirements, filing a petition with the proper court, citing the correct grounds for divorce, and more. Our legal team ensures that all requirements are met to reduce complications whenever possible. We handle every step of the legal process and work to negotiate out-of-court settlements whenever possible.

Contact Our Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles for More Information

At the The Broadway Law Firm, we aim to obtain divorces in the most efficient manner possible, while still standing up for your property and parental rights under the law in California. If you are considering ending your marriage, you want a skilled Los Angeles divorce attorney on your side. Contact our office to discuss our legal services today.

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