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Complex Divorce

Divorce cases do not have to be complicated, though many of them are. Each case will involve unique circumstances, some of which will be more challenging than others. If you are facing the possibility of a difficult divorce, you need the representation of a highly experienced complex divorce lawyer in Los Angeles.

The Broadway Law Firm provides representation for clients in any and all family law-related matters. Whether your case is relatively straightforward or complex, one that could result in delays and litigation, our law firm can help. Contact us today or call (213) 344-0545 to speak to an attorney.

Possible Divorce Complications

There are several reasons why one divorce case might be more complex than another, and the following are some examples.

Children – Having minor children complicates a divorce because it adds the need to resolve issues like child custody and child support. Custody can be a hotly contested issue in many cases.

Complex property – You must divide your community property as part of your divorce, and complicated property can make this a challenging task. Owning multiple properties, a business, having sophisticated investment portfolios, art or jewelry collections, and more can make a divorce more complex.

Adultery allegations – You cannot cite adultery as the grounds for your divorce in California, though the judge might consider adulterous conduct as a factor in property division and alimony determinations. The spouse alleging adultery must provide sufficient evidence to support their claims, which can be difficult.

Domestic violence – If one spouse alleges domestic violence, they might obtain an order of protection. This can make negotiations more difficult, and the violence might impact custody orders and more.

Learn How Our Complex Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles Can Help

If you have complicated circumstances, you should not wait to call a Los Angeles complex divorce attorney at The Broadway Law Firm. We have the resources and skill to handle the most complicated cases, so please contact us today or call (213) 344-0545.

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