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Child Support

If you are facing a divorce, your children are likely a top priority, and child support is either critical to your ability to continue providing for them, or you may be ordered to pay child support to your child’s other parent, depending on the situation.

Child support is based on the custody arrangement, each parent’s income, and other factors. The Broadway Law Firm is a leading family law firm and can help guide you through this complex process.

Consult with an experienced Los Angeles family law attorney at The Broadway Law Firm.


Supporting Your Children Financially

Both parents are expected to contribute to caring for their children into adulthood, and this care extends to the following:

  • Housing the children
  • Feeding the children
  • Educating the children
  • Clothing the children
  • Providing the children with medical care
  • Providing the children with entertainment
  • Meeting other basic needs

Even if a child does not live with one parent the majority of the time, that parent is still obligated to provide financial support for their child. If custody is split closer to 50/50, child support will likely be paid by the higher-earning parent.

Calculating Child Support

Child support is generally calculated according to state guidelines, but extenuating circumstances can induce the court to use its discretion to depart slightly from the traditional formula in the matter. Factors that typically affect support calculations include:

  • The number of children in need of support
  • The child custody arrangements (the percentage of time each parent spends with the children)
  • Each parent’s income and expenses
  • Whether either parent helps support children from another relationship
  • The cost of the children’s health insurance
  • All other relevant expenses, such as daycare costs and each parent’s mandatory retirement contributions
  • The standard of living the child enjoyed when the parents were married

Do Your Part for Your Children

As the payee, or the parent that is receiving payments, child support is critical to your ability to continue providing for your children in the best way you know how. If you are the payor, the parent making the payments, you need to ensure that you are providing for your children at a level that is fair and within your means.

Regardless of which parent you are, the experienced attorneys at The Broadway Law Firm are committed to helping you do your part for your children. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us or call (213) 344-0545 today.

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