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If you are divorcing, your children are generally one of your top concerns. Divorce is hard on everyone, but this is especially true of the children involved. If you are moving toward becoming the primary custodial parent (your children will live with you primarily and will have a visitation schedule with their other parent) but know that you’ll need to relocate post-divorce, it’s critical that you address this issue with an experienced family law attorney in Los Angeles.

Relocation or “Move-Away” Custody Orders

If you have to move away from your present home because of your job or as a means of availing yourself of increased support from family and loved ones, moving is likely important to your ability to adequately provide for your children. Their other parent, nevertheless, may object on the grounds that it will impede his or her ability to spend quality time with your shared children. This is obviously a reasonable concern that must be addressed.

Joint Custody

The majority of divorced parents in California share joint custody, which means that they address the issue of relocation on equal terms. If both parents can’t come to mutually agreeable terms on the matter, the court will hear the arguments of each parent and will make a decision based on what it considers to be in the best interests of the children involved. The judge will then issue a relocation or “move-away” order if it is found to be in the best interest of the child to do so.

This can be an extremely complicated matter that necessitates the professional legal counsel of an experienced child relocation lawyer who can protect your parental rights.

Challenging the Relocation Order

The parent who challenges child relocation must do so by showing that the proposed move would be detrimental to the children involved. This challenge must include the following two components:

  • The move would be detrimental to the children’s relationship with the parent challenging the move.
  • The current custody arrangement – including location – best serves the children’s need for continuity and stability.

Learn More About Move-Away Relocation Orders

Issues related to relocation are often stressful and emotional, but the dedicated Los Angeles relocation attorneys at The Broadway Law Firm can help. Our legal team understands the underlying complexities of these issues and is committed to helping you find the best path forward. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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