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Support Enforcement

Helping You Get the Support You Are Entitled To

Support enforcement – or judgment enforcement – is the legal action taken by a spouse or parent entitled to receive support (the “payee”) against the spouse or parent obligated to pay the support (the “payor”).

When payors fail or refuse to pay child or spousal support as set forth in a court order, the payee may suffer severe financial hardship and lose hundreds and thousands of dollars to which they are otherwise entitled. If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured that The Broadway Law Firm can help you get the money you are owed. Our Los Angeles support enforcement attorneys have what it takes to fight on your behalf and hold the payor accountable for their failure to pay support.

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How We Fight for the Support You Are Owed

Spousal support payments are intended to provide financial assistance to the payee and to help maintain some semblance to the standard of living experienced during the marriage. Child support is intended to provide financial assistance for the benefit of a minor child.

In California, if you are the party with a court order to receive child and/or spousal support and the other party is refusing to comply with that order, you have available remedies to help you recover the money you are owed.

If you have a family law judgment, the first step to obtaining relief for your delinquent spousal support or child support payments is to file a post-judgment Request for Order. This Request for Order will formally initiate a proceeding against the other person and they will have to be personally served in order to proceed forward with the hearing on the court’s calendar.

What Goes into a Successful Enforcement Action?

In order to prevail in a child support or spousal support enforcement action, it is important to have your documents and evidence to support your claim. The court will need to see your judgment or other orders, as well as any documents or other records to support your request.

For instance, if the paying spouse usually pays support via check, it might be helpful in a spousal support enforcement action to have a print out of all checks received and documentation on when those payments stopped being made.

We recommend that you gather:

  • Check stubs
  • Bank records
  • Receipts for cash payments

These are all very helpful when attempting to enforce a spousal support or child support obligation.

How Family Law Judgments Are Different

One thing to keep in mind is that unlike other civil judgments, family law judgments do not have to be renewed every 10 years. This benefits many recipients of child and spousal support because it helps them avoid the burdensome task of renewing their family law judgment in order to maintain their receipt of support payments. Instead, family law money judgments (e.g. child support and spousal support) will continue to be enforceable even after the 10-year period has lapsed.

Importantly, if you have been cut off from receiving your child or spousal support after the entry of your family law judgment, you may be able to obtain an order for the other party (the payor) to also pay your attorney’s fees and costs in the post-judgment Request for Order.

Work with The Law Help Center

If you are suffering because a spouse or other parent is refusing to pay you the child support or spousal support you are owed, The Law Help Center can help you fight for justice. Our Los Angeles family lawyers are available whenever you need us to provide thorough and effective legal assistance. We are ready to stand by your side and fight to protect your rights.

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